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Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality (P.E.O.P.L.E.) is CSEA / AFSCME's legislative / political action fundraising program. The PEOPLE committee is responsible for raising money to promote the interest of the membership on legislative issues.

how people funds are used

CSEA doesn't just hand out money to politicians. The funds are spent as follows:

  • CSEA's PEOPLE program supports the legislative and political action department in writing legislation to benefit our members. We work with the legislators to pass legislation that is benefical to us. Many times we spend more time working to stop legislation that could harm the CSEA membership.
  • We work to educate the CSEA membership on legislative initiatives that could affect them and to encourage them to call or write the appropriate elected official.
  • We become active in endorsing candidates who support worker and retirees issues, based on recommendations from the CSEA membership.

What PEOPLE has done for you...

  • Saved Social Security by leading the fight to make sure Congress defeated President Bush's scheme to privatize Social Security
  • PEOPLE helped secure hundreds of millions of dollars in federal and state money to protect New York's public hospitals and nursing homes
  • PEOPLE helped pass CSEA's Worksite Safety Law, a historic bill that requires employers to take real action and prevent violence in the workplace
  • PEOPLE helped pass CSEA's historic pension improvements, including permanent COLA, elimination of the 3% contribution and tier reinstatement
  • PEOPLE helped to pass legislation that increases funding for our school districts

What PEOPLE is doing for you now...

  • Fighting attempts to create Tier 5 and rolling back retirement benefits of public employees
  • Fighting for a law to protect retiree health insurance so employers cannot take away your benefits when you need them most
  • Fighting for single payer health care in Congress, so all working families can receive the health benefits they need without giving up raises, retirement benefits and other compensation
  • Fighting for federal and state funds to make sure the vital public services we provide are available and our jobs are secure

PEOPLE is an Agenda for working families

Our families are more secure and our communities healthier when everyone has a chance at a decent job, education for ourselves and our children and affordable health care. Join with the thousands across the country and have a voice on state and federal policies that affect you and your family.