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To become a PEOPLE Recruiter!

  • Join a growing team of activists who are working to protect your pensions.
  • Join a growing team of activists who are working to protect health benefits.
  • Join a growing team of activists who are working to protect our jobs.

PEOPLE (public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality) is CSEA's voice in Washington, Albany and in your community.

Help recruit co-workers to join PEOPLE by making them aware of the important issues that affect us all.

cash recruitment rewards program

Beginning March 1, 2008 CSEA members who assist in PEOPLE recruitment will start earning cash rewards. You must sign up a minimum of 25 MVP members to collect the cash rewards. CSEA members who sign up another member to donate to PEOPLE will earn the following:
  • Recruit a member to donate $50 -earn $2.00
  • Recruit an MVP PEOPLE member to donate $100 -earn $12.00 .Recruit an MVP Gold member to donate $250 -earn $20.00
  • Recruit an MVP Platinum member to donate $500 -earn $30.00
  • Earn $12.00 for having a member increase their current membership to the MVP level.

CSEA members are able to accumulate the cash rewards from year to year.

An official PEOPLE recruiter shirt will be mailed to all new PEOPLE recruiters once they recruit 10 new MVP PEOPLE members.

CSEA's PEOPLE program protects and improves our jobs, benefits and pensions in Washington, Albany and your community. Your participation in PEOPLE strengthens CSEA's clout in the workplace, in the legislature, in your community and in the labor movement.

PEOPLE Creates Lobbying Clout

  • Research, analysis and breakdowns on what government budgets, bills and other proposals mean to you and how they affect your job, benefits and pensions.
  • Lobbying for funds to better your contracts and to make sure our elected officials know when their position helps...or hurts you.
  • Testimony at public hearings to educate elected officials about how their decisions affect you.

PEOPLE Provides Member Education & Involvement

Lobby days, phone banks, letter writing campaigns, fliers and other important resources to make sure YOU have the tools to fight back when harmful proposals are introduced.

Member education and information about where candidates stand on the issues that affect your work-life and you can be informed when you vote.

PEOPLE Means Action on Issues and Elections

Political clout is important in passing laws that improve the lives of CSEA members but it is also important in making your voice heard when problems like privatizing or closing facilities arise. Political clout can be used to back up stalled contract battles and to back up organizing new members. Whether it's a school, village, town, city, the state or the national government, every CSEA member will need political clout at some time in their career.

Political Action provides education materials for CSEA members about where politicians stand on issues that affect your work-lives so you can make informed decisions on Election Day. CSEA members also volunteer through political action to provide grassroots, phone bank and financial help for candidates who will fight for you in elected office.

Call 1-800-342-4146, ext.1404 or
log onto for more information.