As CSEA members, we know that a union allows us to bargain for health care, pensions, fair wages and better working conditions.

But for many workers, good jobs are vanishing and health care coverage and retirement security are slipping out of reach.

Only 38 percent of the public says their families are getting ahead financially and less than a quarter believes the next generation will be better off.

The Employee Free Choice Act is federal legislation that would give workers more freedom to join unions. It would limit an employer's ability to intimidate workers before and during union representation elections.

In fact, workers wouldn't have to face a so-called secret ballot election.

Simply indicating majority support for a union would allow them union recognition and require the employer to enter collective bargaining for a first contract.

If the Employee Free Choice Act passes Congress, President Barack Obama has said he would sign it into law.

Right now, there are many forces opposing this legislation, most funded by business interests. Working Americans need your help in countering this misinformation.

All workers should have the freedom to decide for themselves whether to form unions to bargain for a better life.

In Solidarity
Danny Donohue
CSEA President