The Work-Ute Services Web Site is a compilation of resources on existing State programs such as Lifeworks, Employee Assistance Program, Flex Spending Account, Child Care Centers, Pre-Retirement Seminars, and the NYS-Ride pilot program and includes information and assistance for employees' needs in a wide range of areas:

Budgeting/Finances Alcohol or Drug Issues Child Care Education Elder Care/Disability Health Resources Mental Health issues Parenting Pre-Tax Savings Problem Gambling Retirement Planning

Designed to be issue-oriented and user-friendly, this new web site links employees to the services available through the NYS Employee Assistance Program and the Family Benefits Program, both funded through the collective bargaining agreements and GOER. Our goal is to ensure that employees can find the resources that best address their needs.

Life can get complicated. Work-Life Services can help. The answers all start in one place: Work-Life Services Web Site at

If you have questions, please call Karen Dunn, Employee Assistance Program Director (518) 486-9769 or Deborah Miller, Staff Director of the New York State Family Benefits Program 518) 473-8091.