On March 6th, 7th, and 8th the MH/MR Advisory Board meet in Troy, NY. This advisory is made up of all the Local Presidents. We meet on a regular basis but once a year we have a Town Meeting with the Commissioners from both agencies.

We have the same problems and they are seldom dealt with but we continue to fight for what we feel is right for our CSEA members. Overtime is a huge issue with our members working 16 hrs. Sometimes four days in a row. In some locals they are working triplets. This is not only unsafe for our members but for the people we take care of, so often, our members are getting hurt due to being tired.

These issues were brought up on Tuesday as our Local Presidents and other CSEA members from their Locals lobbied both Senators and Assemblyman from their districts. We have great concerns due to lack of staffing, driving unsafe vans and the lack of training our new members are not receiving during their first year of hire. The next day we meet with the Commissioners expressing our concerns and that nothing has happened since the last time we met with them.


  • Overtime
  • 7-10 trainee’s in one home with only a DA1, or in some cases only a lead person
  • We need OPWDD to support us and make the homes safe
  • Read/Sign training is only an interpretation, they should have actual training
  • Supervisors should be trained better
  • Lunch periods should be better defined
  • Jobs should be filled with full time staff and hired soon

OPWDD stated 1,700 hired and 1,600 left due to retirements and other reasons, we could tell them why they are leaving, you have to be treated with respect and when it’s time to go home, you get to go!!!!!!  

MH was much nicer and didn’t skirt to many issues and are more than willing to get back with answers to the local presidents concerns. A lot of the issues were the same as OPWDD but at least they are willing to listen and get back to them.

We will continue to fight for all our CSEA members and will get back to you as soon as they get back to us.